Church of San Francesco di Sales in Rome

Rome 2003/2005

oof made with Prestige Compact metal shingle by Tegola Canadese


 The characterising element of this church, which is immediately perceived, is the considerable covering that extends over it and fluidly wraps it, as if to embrace and protect the gathered assembly. The projecting roof ends with a point but then widens and stretches, creating a hospitable and welcoming place for celebrations. The overall result of the project is a surprising covering roof, with a considerably interesting texture that weaves innovation and tradition: and that’s why there is a design choice to use an innovative roof covering from a technological point of view, the Prestige Compact copper shingle by Tegola Canadese, and a material such as copper that man has used for centuries for buildings destined to last over time.

Another element of considerable interest is the use of light: it is masterfully employed both in the form of natural light that enters through the many openings, and as artificial light specifically designed and set up to better outline the interior spaces and to be visible from the outside. Even the layout, a regular octagon, is the result of an original idea which focuses on giving the assembly a central position as the protagonist together with the celebrant.

The construction materials used for the structure consist of two different elements: reinforced concrete for all vertical parts with laminated wood; copper for the roof covering. The colour that prevails both outside and inside is white; this can be found both on the external plaster and on the smooth concrete of the interior.

The glass in the doors and windows in the lower areas is also white, while dark blue is used for the fixtures and transparent blue in the windows at the top. All this contrasts with the warm tones of the laminated wood and of the copper on the roof, i.e. materials widely used in tradition and here reinterpreted in a church that represents a link between tradition and innovation.

Project details: Churc

Works: 2003 – 2005

Project: Arch. Lucrezio Carbonara, Arch. Paolo Dattero, Arch. Alfredo Re/Studio Dattero; Re – Rome

The roof: a strong mark characterised by innovation and tradition.

The strong characterisation of this building consists in the covering roof that extends over the building and in the design choice to use the Prestige Compact copper shingle by Tegola Canadese. This shows the refinement of this creation, which is innovative from a technological point of view whilst using a material, copper, which man has used for centuries in buildings destined to last over time. The Prestige Compact copper shingle is versatile and adapts well to any inclination or curvature of the roof covering and the final result is a roof characterised by a particular texture and of considerable interest. The main facade of the church features a repetition of projecting cornices which rise above the entrance portal, while the overlying roofing structure ends with a point; a set of balances and repetitions that turn into an invitation to enter. As a whole, the religious building becomes a very strong architectural mark that rises to welcome and protect the faithful.


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