IWIS Group

Tegola Canadese was the first successful brand with which the IWIS Group was founded and extended.

Worldwide presence

We are present worldwide thanks to our commercial branches, partnerships with distributors and application companies trained by us to offer all our customers high standards of quality and knowledge of products, and their application.

On the market, in 42 country.

Thanks to distributors who guarantee services in accordance with our quality standards, this industrial and commercial concept has become the development model of our companies and a reliable reference for our customers.

Our story and quality standards

The history of the IWIS Group began in 1977, with the opening of the first production facility of Tegola Canadese Srl in Vittorio Veneto. Thirteen additional production facilities were later established in Europe, Asia and the Americas to:

• Achieve competitive performance;
• Meet the demand for innovative products;
• Be the protagonists of change that improves the quality of construction work and products;
• Bring to the world experience and “made-in-Italy” excellence to create produts with high qualitative and aesthetic standards.


Production processes based on Research and Development

Thanks to revolving Research and Development activities, involving our laboratories, marketing and customer service, the value of innovation is evident in every production process, product and application.

Our technicians, often in partnership with universities, study the evolution of materials and develop solutions to meet new market needs. In our laboratories, we perform rigorous:

• Resistance and durability tests;
• Controls of raw materials used;
• Verification of reliability and correspondence to protocols and certificates on finished products.

Revolutionary logistics and transport

The added value of the IWIS Group is the implementation, since the 1990s, of a a logistics revolution that allows delivering products up to the doormat of the final retailer, to the warehouse of the company or of the applicator and, in some cases, directly to construction sites.

An algorithm allows optimising loads, taking into account volumes, weights and distance to travel, so as to minimise costs and increase the timeliness of our services.

It is a proven system that makes use of reliable carriers that have been teaming with our Group for years. A competitive value element that our distributors can pass on to their customers.



Work with us

We are always looking for people with a strong motivation, determined to best express their professional skills in our work teams. If you recognise you have a marked capacity for innovation and action, you will become part of a dynamic team that is constantly committed to customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to submit your application.