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Asphalt shingles and, more generally, all our products and roof systems, are created based on the principle of offering architectural beauty, originality and energy efficiency through a single combined solution. The Asphalt Shingles system envisages the use of different materials to give shape to the roof covering.

The internal fiberglass reinforcement is coated with a bituminous compound to ensure waterproofing while the ceramic-coated basalt granule finish provides the aesthetics as well as the protection from the sun’s rays. A perfect solution for all needs.


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Why choose Asphalt Shingles

Compared with normal roof shingles or concrete roof shingles, asphalt shingles have several unique features. First, they have various rectangular and ovoid shapes or offer hexagonal textures, in the shape of a wooden shingle, with the possibility of choosing between countless colours, based on style and personal taste.

Design solutions that allow standing out from other homes. Compared with metal roofs, they offer a pleasant acoustic insulation as the roof made in this way is not noisy in case of rain; it also offers unparalleled resistance to bad weather, strong winds and hail. A further aspect concerns thermal insulation.

The ventilated roof, also proposed by Tegola Canadese as an optimal technology, offers excellent capabilities, protecting the house from heat and cold and allowing a natural elimination of humidity. An advantage not only in terms of costs but also of respect for the environment.

A solution to shape the roof of your house

Asphalt shingles are extremely light, in addition to being quick to install compared with traditional roof covering systems.

These features make them particularly suitable for homes. Contact us for more information and discover all the advantages available to you


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To design and plan something, whether it is a new life, a new home or a roof, you always need creativity, experience and reliability.
Tegola Canadese is by your side for any creative need in the development and design of your roof.


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Case History

Halala Kella Lodge

Halala Kella Lodge is a resort in Ethiopia, part of the "GEBETA LEHAGER" tourism project. A.COM.EX managed the construction, choosing materials such as Canadian tile for the roofing. The collaboration with Tegola Canadese was essential to guarantee waterproofing and aesthetics.

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Case History

Atelier Fleuriste

The project, which includes the complete renovation of a nineteenth-century brick house and the construction of a new building in the internal garden, stems from the desire to strongly mark the presence of an uncommon place, inside a disorderly urban context, caught between memories of the rural town and the recent building interventions.

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