Environmental sustainability is a fundamental value for us at Tegola Canadese.
We constantly strive to minimise environmental impact and to protect the places that host us and the people who live there.


An industrial settlement in harmony with the territory

An industrial settlement in harmony with the territory
The first Tegola Canadese production plant was born many years ago in the territory of Vittorio Veneto, in an area specifically equipped to accommodate industrial facilities, surrounded by nature and historical places to be protected.

A land dotted with small villages and towns with ancient origins: Renaissance, medieval and with echoes of ancient Rome. It was the territory of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

This is the place where our offices and laboratories were built, and it is here that the headquarters of the IWIS holding stand today.


Respect for nature and quality of life

Our collaborators live here, many are descendants of generations who over the centuries have supported the culture of doing well, they were trained in a taste for beauty, committed to maintaining the value of the territory in which they live.

All of us here at Tegola Candese want to continue enjoying the view of bucolic landscapes, woods and uncontaminated green areas.

In our factories, innovation, invention and creativity are closely linked to quality of life, indeed, those who come to visit us still find the best traditions together with a strong push towards the future.

Environmental protection: a commitment towards the next generations

In addition to investing in the development of new products and in the constant improvement of the workplace, our efforts are also employed in a mission that we believe is a priority:

To leave the territory to the next generations as we inherited it from the previous ones. Cit. Luciano Mazzer – Chairman of Tegola Canadese Srl. It is not environmental rhetoric but authentic attention to the natural heritage that inspires us and stimulates us towards continuous improvement and which coexists with respect for those who collaborate with us and for our customers.

We wanted to pass on these values, born straight away in the first-born headquarters in Vittorio Veneto, to our other 17 facilities located all over the world.



Work with us

We are always looking for highly motivated people, determined to best express their professional skills in our work teams. If you recognise you have a marked capacity for innovation and action, you will become part of a dynamic team that is constantly committed to customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to submit your application.