Tegola Canadese Srl was founded in 1977 in Vittorio Veneto (TV) and is part of the IWIS group, wholly Italian capital.

The expansion of our company began when we opened the first factory in the heart of Veneto, which is still today a reference point in Europe for technology and production capacity.

Over the years we have created a network of commercial companies in various European and non-European countries. In 2004, we opened a second manufacturing facility near Moscow, which stood out for its modernity and efficiency.


Technological innovation and process quality

Our company has always invested in the innovation and quality of products and production processes. Thanks to qualified personnel and to an important Research and Development sector, which constantly collaborates with Italian and European universities and research institutes, we develop technologically advanced materials, capable of enhancing the quality and flexibility of use of our shingles, obtaining a high-quality product standard.

The Tegola Canadese brand has been able to establish itself in Italy, in Europe and in the world thanks to:

• Strong vocation for innovation;
• Lengthy experience;
• Specialisation;
• Constant improvement of the quality of products and services.



Environmental protection and focus on people

Since our foundation, we have based our production on respect for the environment and for the workers.

Our company is constantly committed to searching for the best solutions, operating with a manufacturing process that does not pollute water, air and soil, and selecting product components that do not contain substances that are harmful to humans or the environment.

Retailer and customer assisted before and after sales

Customer service is essential here at Tegola Canadese: we are always ready to support retailers, designers, companies, applicators, homeowners, both before the sale and after.

Thanks to our efficient technical office and to our structured commercial organisation, we are able to identify the ideal solutions for every need.


to resist,
for life


Work with us

We are always looking for highly motivated people, determined to best express their professional skills in our work teams. If you recognise you have a marked capacity for innovation and action, you will become part of a dynamic team that is constantly committed to customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to submit your application.