Choosing the right roof covering is an essential element to achieve a mix of results, from refined design to optimal comfort for homes, offices and public buildings.

A goal that can be reached thanks to the innovative solutions of our roofing systems and to the very wide range of asphalt shingles, from the classic rectangular ones to those with special ovoid shapes, in order to obtain a texture of absolute value, with the possibility of choosing between countless colours for a perfect urban integration or to give life to buildings with personality.


By your side

Tegola Canadese is the ideal partner to put your projects into practice

Our company has always focused on technological research in order to offer our partners, architects, engineers and surveyors solutions that are able to satisfy customisation requirements and to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Our more than forty years of experience is aimed at continuous improvement in order to offer products which are not only beautiful, but also extremely valid in terms of energy efficiency, with particular attention to sustainability.

Leaders in roofing throughout the world

Our commitment, combined with the ability to analyse the evolution of the markets, has allowed us to meet the needs of many architectural firms all over the world, which is why our proposals are so widely appreciated both in city centres and in rural areas, by the sea and in the mountains: they represent an optimal solution for traditional buildings and ventilated roofs, both for new buildings and for building renovation interventions.


Develop your projects

To design and plan something, whether it is a new life, a new home or a roof, you always need creativity, experience and reliability.
Tegola Canadese is by your side for any creative need in the development and design of your roof.


What you can do with our products

Case History

The Charm of Rounded Dormers: An Architectural Delight

Rounded dormers, cherished in Romania for their traditional charm, offer extra space and natural light indoors. Tegola Canadese's Canadian shingles prove to be an ideal choice to cover them, ensuring durability and aesthetic versatility.

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Case History

Halala Kella Lodge

Halala Kella Lodge is a resort in Ethiopia, part of the "GEBETA LEHAGER" tourism project. A.COM.EX managed the construction, choosing materials such as Canadian tile for the roofing. The collaboration with Tegola Canadese was essential to guarantee waterproofing and aesthetics.

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