Halala Kella Lodge

Halala Kella Lodge

Roof made with Master grigio pietra by Tegola Canadese


Located on high ground abutting beautiful basin created by a hydroelectric dam on the Omo River in southern Ethiopia, Halala Kella Lodge is named after the iconic 1,200-kilometer-long “HALALA” wall built between the 13th and 16th centuries to defend the Dawro people and their precious and fertile lands.  This impressive wall built entirely of stone and mud takes its name from King Halala who completed its works. The resort covers an area of 12 hectares and is located between 900 and 1000 meters above sea level. 

This magnificent resort was directly desired by the Ethiopian Prime Minister office as part of the “GEBETA LEHAGER project,” a tourism development project “for the good of the country.” 

A.COM.EX for Halala Kella Lodge, followed all processes for the definition, quantification and coordinated selection of materials used; coordination of material procurement, plant design and executive design of roofing; logistics, sea loading and transportation to the site. 

Tegola Canadese Master grigio pietra was chosen for the roofing, as it was considered the best product to ensure perfect waterproofing of truncated-cone roofs and at the same time offer great aesthetic value to the lodge, for integration with the beautiful natural surrounding landscape. 

Particularly appreciated by A.COM.EX was the collaboration with Tegola Canadese, especially with the area manager Danilo Maiolatesi for technical and commercial assistance throughout the negotiations and the technical department for support during the design and execution of the work, sharing important suggestions par facilitate the installation and ensure waterproofing and aesthetics in the smallest details. 

Franco Rizza, 
A.COM.EX. Roma  

Credits by A.COM.EX 

Project details: Halala Kella Lodge: 

Committente/principal: Prime Minister OfficeGEBETA LEHAGER project” 

General Contractor: ELMI OLINDO PLC 

General Supplier:A.COM.EX. srl Via Pomonte 31, 00138 Roma, Italy 

Architectural Design: RAAS Architects PLC 



Functionality and Design


UNICA Master

Nature, as a source of inspiration, and industrial research coexist in the Master shingles, which guarantee durable high performance. Quality materials, combinations of overlapping layers and carefully selected colour shades allow creating roofs with a natural look and perfect waterproofing.

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