Atelier Fleuriste

Chieri (TO), 2002 / 2008

Roof made with Prestige Compact metal shingle by Tegola Canadese


The project, which includes the complete renovation of a nineteenth-century brick house and the construction of a new building in the internal garden, stems from the desire to strongly mark the presence of an uncommon place, inside a disorderly urban context, caught between memories of the rural town and the recent building interventions. The functional program provides for the creation of exhibition, commercial, residential and informal spaces designed in a flexible way, adaptable to the different needs of the principal. The intervention is divided into two building blocks, formally very different, one conceived as a large showcase-square on Via Andezeno, the other as an isolated pavilion inside the garden open to the public, visible from the street through perspective glimpses.

The renovation of the brick building provides for keeping the central portion intact with all its characteristics: the vaulted roofs, the windows, the plaster and the decorations, while on the sides the original shape of the building has been reconstructed with a large full-height window towards the street and an iridescent copper cover towards the courtyard. The interior space is completely open and is articulated around a large full-height void, crossed by walkways and designed to accommodate large-sized installations and lighting elements. The cooling system of the window consists of a veil of running water that transforms the entire front of the building into a real monumental fountain: the street thus becomes a square, a public space of reference for the entire urban context. The pavilion inside the garden consists of an articulated and fluid plastic volume, raised from the ground by large concrete partitions and covered with a broken brick cover that gives it a strong material character.

Finally, the garden, which includes a public parking servicing the atelier, can be set up to directly communicate with the large void, inside the exhibition and commercial space, through a glass wall that can be opened, becoming the ideal place for outdoor installations and events.

Project details: Atelier Fleuriste and private home

Works: 2002/2008

Principal: Idea Fiori di Marco Segantin

Project: ELASTICO SPA – Stefano Pujatti


Functionality and Design


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